FIS Global- Interview Questions

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FIS Global Interview Questions

Collection of FIS Global Interview Questions. The section contains a real-time interview experience shared by the interviewees.

  1. Explain about project and work experience.
  2. Explain the usage of Jira? How to add test cases and defects?
  3. Worked on any other defect tracking tool? Do you know about Hp ALM? If yes, can you explain?
  4. Explain the framework used in your project.
  5. How do read data in the data-driven framework? Write a program to read data from an Excel sheet.
  6. Write a program to check if a number is a palindrome.
  7. Explain how to get the 5th child window.
  8. What is polymorphism?
  9. Difference between API and web services.
  10. How did you write a test case using soap UI for API testing?
  11. Do you know about the testing framework? Write an XML to run scripts? List of API methods.
  12. Different annotations in testNG in order.
  13. Explain the framework implemented in the project.
  14. Explain how did you achieve polymorphism in your project.
  15. Consider I am new to your project team, explain how oops concept implemented in the project.
  16. Explain webdriver waits.
  17. What will you start automation in your project?
  18. How many test automation scripts you have automated till now?

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