Inncrewin Technologies- Interview Questions

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Inncrewin Technologies- Interview Questions

Collection of Inncrewin Technologies Interview Questions. The section contains a real-time interview experience shared by the interviewees.

1-Asked for navigating to a given webpage and the have to perform the below tasks,

2- To click on the ‘Frames’ hyperlink available on the page.

3- Check if the new page header has ‘Frames’ wording.

4- To click on the iFrame link and check if we navigated to the next page.

5- Check if the page header has the text ‘TinyMCE’ in it.

6- Click on the text field and remove ‘Your content goes here.’ text

7- Check if the page has parent menu items as File, Edit, View, Format

8- Enter text as ‘Test’ & select the entire text, go to Format – Formats – Headings – Heading 1

9- Click on the Elemental Selenium link at the bottom of the page.

10- Check if the user is taken to the new tab in the same browser with a given web link.


1- Create a new Java (Maven, Gradle), C#(.NET core/framework) project with an appropriate test framework like Nunit, TestNG, cucumber, etc.

2- Automate tests in Chrome browser.

3- Use parameterized data instead of hardcoded test data.

4- Use Page Object Model with Selenium as much as possible.

5- Make your functions more generic and use coding best practices as much as possible.

6- Once the test is done, please zip the entire project and send it to us.

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