Amdocs- Interview Questions

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Amdocs Interview Questions

Collection of Amdocs Interview Questions. The section contains a real-time interview experience shared by the interviewees.

1. Difference between Test Plan and Test Strategy.

2. Explain the Test management tool

3. Challenges faced in testing.

4. Explain agile methodology.

5. How to batch execution is done.

6. Explain Automation Framework used.

7. Continuous Integration.

8. Different types of testing experience.

9. Explain database testing.

10. SQL(group by) function

11. write random SQL queries.

12. SQL(inner join)

13. Explain map in java

14. Given a string suppose “Selenium”.Please sort it in alphabetical order without using any inbuilt method.

15. Given two arrays merge this two arrays into single array without using inbuilt methods

a[] = {1, 3,2,5,4};

16. If Employee -> emp_name,emp_id,emp_salary and if emp_name is A and id is 1 salary is 1, similarly up to emp_name Z id 26 salary 26. Find out the emp_name whose salary is maximum without using the max function.

17. Suppose we have 10 frames and on the 10th frame there are multiple checkboxes with the same name how to check whether it is selected or not(id , xpath all are same for these checkboxes) and how do we go to that 10th frame.

18. For the above same example how to select those checkboxes using the mouse in Selenium (id XPath or any other locators is same for all 4 checkboxes)

19.What UNIX commands you have used?

20. What is the difference between API testing and Webservice Testing?

21. What are the Agile Ceremonies you follow in your project?

22. How you have implemented Jenkins in your project?

23. Write a program to read data from a text file and convert it into JSON format

24. Script to Launch Browser

25. WebDriver is Class or Interface

26. Git Commands you are using in day to day life

27. Write a program to print Given Pattern

2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9 10


28. How to transfer files from one server to another server

29. What will be the output of the below command on Linux

grep -8 “This is Data” | Given Text

30. What are the implications of setting real-world scenario for a load test and a basic schedule for a stress test in a load runner?

31. What kind of testing be done to book a Tatkal ticket at 11:00 am in load runner?

32. What will you do when the client has not given throughput and response time for a new Performance Testing scenario?

33. What is TDD and BDD?

34. How can we log in with different usernames using DDD and BDD?

35 What is extent reports

36. Explain SDLC.

37. What is Maven? Why we use it?

38. Explain HTTP methods?

39. Difference between PUT and POST request.

40. When we get 200 and 400 status codes?

41.How can we authenticate the correct responses?

42. Real-time example of PUT and POST?

43. Explain SDLC?, Defect/bug lifecycle, What is a deferred bug?

44. Difference between DELETE, DROP and TRUNCATE?

45. How will you get the data from table rows?

46. What will be the output for the below program?

class a 
int i;
class test
public static void main(String args[])
a A=new a();
15. O/p for below program.
class A{
void msg(){System.out.println(""Hello"");}
class B{
void msg(){System.out.println(""Welcome"");}
class C extends A,B
Public Static void main(String args[]){
C obj=new C();
obj.msg();//Now which msg() method would be invoked?

47. Provide the output for the below program.

class Animal{ 
Animal(){System.out.println(""animal is created"");}
class Dog extends Animal{
System.out.println(""dog is created"");
class TestSuper4{
public static void main(String args[]){
Dog d=new Dog();

48. Automate a page using PageObject.

Amdocs Interview Questions

1st Technical Round – 1hr

1- Tell me about yourself.

2- Which framework you used please explain?

3- Basic frame concepts.

4- Without using send keys, how to send data. 

5- How to right-click on any web element?

6- Write sample code using actions class.

7- Explain how to handle alerts.

8- How to handle popup.

9- Dropdown concept. What are different methods for dropdown?

10- How to pass data using TestNG (write data provider code)

11- They provided one website to locate the webelement using text(), contains() with different scenarios.

12- Out of 10 test cases, I need to run only the first 5 then how we do that?

13- Priority concept of TestNG.

14- In many test cases I have to run only one particular test case. How you will do that?

15- Difference between @BeforeMethod & @BeforeClass.

16- When you used AutoIT? Explain the complete concept of AutoIT.

17- Have you used Maven? Explain what is Maven in detail.

18- Structure of testng.xml file.

2nd Round (Client Round–20 mins)

1- Questions regarding your project.

2- Framework-related questions.

About Amdocs

Amdocs is a multinational corporation that was founded in Israel and currently headquartered in Chesterfield, Missouri, with support and development centers located worldwide. The company specializes in software and services for communications, media, and financial services providers and digital enterprises. 
CEOShuky Sheffer (30 Sep 2018)
Revenue410 crores USD (2019)
Founded1982, Missouri, United States
HeadquartersChesterfield, Missouri, United States
SubsidiariesOpenMarket, Vubiquity, Vindicia, projekt202, LLC., MORE
FoundersBoaz Dotan, Morris Kahn

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