Selenium Professional Summary Roles and responsibilities

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Selenium Professional Summary Roles and Responsibilities

The candidate’s summary and responsibility should be clear. While preparing the professional summary you should read the Job description and requirements carefully and then draft your content accordingly.This post contains Selenium Professional Summary, Roles and responsibilities from which you will get an idea.

While writing the professional summary for selenium software tester do keep in mind that the recruiter’s interest is not what you want from the job but what you have to offer the organisation.

Best Selenium Professional Summary For Software Tester You Can Use In Resume

  1. Expertise in automation using Selenium WebDriver, with Java on TestNG and JUNIT library. Designed and implemented different automation frameworks from scratch. Objects framework, Keyword Driven framework, Data Driven framework and Hybrid framework.Solid experience on build management tools like Maven/ANT and continuous Integration tool Jenkins.
  2. 5+ Years (mention your’s experience) of industry experience in the area of Software Testing both Manual and Automation with a solid understanding of Test Planning, Test Design, Test Execution and Defect Reporting & Tracking.
  3. Expertise in Understanding and Analysing Test Requirements, Tracking changes and maintenance of Test Requirements. Proficient in Test Automation using UFT  and Selenium Tools. Well acquainted with all phases of SDLC and STLC.
  4. Strong Experience in Automating Web Application Testing using Selenium WebDriver with TestNG framework. Experience in Java Programming, Selenium WebDriver, JUnit and TestNG.
  5. Self-motivated, energetic and highly ethical in all work related assignments thus able to immediately contribute to corporate goals and objects. Well versed with Handling Elements in Selenium WebDriver. Writing Test cases using Element locators, WebDriver methods, Java programming features and TestNG Annotations.
  6. Experience in Data driven Testing, Cross browser testing and Parallel Test execution using Selenium WebDriver, TestNG and selenium Grid. Executing Selenium Test Cases and Reporting defects.
  7. Proficient in devising all the artefacts of testing such as Test Scenarios, Test Cases, Defect Reports and Test Summary Report. Good written, communication, interpersonal skills, proven team player with an analytical mind bent to problem solving and delivering solutions.

Roles and responsibilities for Selenium Projects

  1. Identifying Automation Scenarios from the set of Test cases / User stories identified in the sprint.
  2. Developing Web Automation Test cases for the identified Automation Scenarios.
  3. Performed Cross Browser Automation using Selenium GRID with Sauce Labs Cloud Integration.
  4. Reviewed the Code prepared by other team mates and suggested improvements if required.
  5. Running Smoke regression suite after every build and publish the detailed reports with the bugs detected.
  6. Running Full Automation suite for every Release and analyse the root cause of Failed scripts.


A compelling Selenium Professional Summary Roles and Responsibilities can make your resume stand out from others.

In this post, we tried our best to make it easy for you to write a great resume for a Selenium software Testing jobs.

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