Selenium + Java Part 6

manual testing
Is automation testing a complete replacement for manual software testing?
Does automation testing have any disadvantages?
What are the differences between open-source tools, vendor tools, and in-house tools?
How do you choose which automation tool is best for your specific scenario?
What are the different types of scripting techniques for automation testing?
How can we get the font size, font colour, font text used for the particular text on the web page use in the selenium? 1080. How to clear cache using selenium?
How to install add on the Firefox using Selenium WebDriver?
How to run Selenium WebDriver script in Firefox browser using DesiredCapabilities?
What does Thread.sleep() method does?
How to Kill all the browsers at the same time?
In XPath, I want to do a partial match on attribute value from the beginning. Tell me two functions using which I can do It?
How to verify the text inside the text box is present or not?
How to accept exceptions in testNG?
I have used findElements In my test case. It Is returning NoSuchElementException when no element found. Correct me If I am wrong.?
My Firefox browser Is not Installed at the usual place. How can I tell FirefoxDriver to use It?
How to handle Untrusted SSL certificate error in IE browser?
Can we run testNG class code without using any TestNg annotation?
Can you describe the major features of TestNG?
Describe the similarities and difference between JUnit and TestNG unit testing frameworks.
How to Install TestNG In Eclipse? How do you verify that TestNg Is Installed properly In Eclipse?
I have a test case with two @Test methods. I want to exclude one @Test method from execution. Can I do It? How?
Tell me the syntax to skip @Test method from execution.?
Tell me any 5 assertions of TestNG which we can use In selenium webdriver.?
Can you tell me usage of TestNG Soft Assertion?
How to write regular expression In testng.xml file to search @Test methods containing “product” keyword.?
Which time unit we provide In time test? minutes? seconds? milliseconds? or hours? Give Example?
What Is the syntax to get value from the text box and store It In variable.?
Can we use implicitly wait() and explicitly wait() together in the test case?
What types of Models choose while designing the framework?
What are the most common pre-define functions of XPath?
How to set the browser for the GRID? 1106. How to get the snapshot using selenium?
How to shoot the snapshot using selenium?
What is the command line we have to write inside a .bat file to execute a selenium project when we are using testng ?
There is a scenario whenever “Assert.assertEquals()” function fails automatically it has to take a screenshot. How can you achieve this?
Which is the best way to locate an element?
Why we refer Firefox driver to the web driver inheritance.?
What is the difference between thread.Sleep() and selenium. Set Speed (“2000”)?
In what situation selenium finding element get fails?
How we can retrieve the dynamically changing Ids?
What is the basic use of Firefox profiles and how can we use them using selenium? 1116. Customize the name of file going to be downloaded
What is Error Collector in TestNG? What is its use?
How to run tests in multiple browser parallel? Is there any other option other than selenium grid?
How to prepare a Customized HTML Report using TestNG in hybrid framework.?
How the TestNG interacts with Selenium Core? Explain the steps and internal architecture?”What is TestNG?
Is it possible to test web services using selenium?
How to refresh a page without using context-click?
Can you send a code for printing in selenium?
How to get the name of browser using Web Driver?
How to get a text from a captcha image?
Is there a way to click hidden LINK in web driver?
How to disable cookies in browser.?
We have heard about frameworks well it can be broadly classified into these TDD, BDD and ATDD frameworks. What’s the Difference?
How to change the user agent in Firefox by selenium web driver.?
What is the MOST challenging test problem in my career in Automation?
Suppose the developer changed the existing image to new image with the same XPath. Is test case pass or fail?
How to work with radio button in web driver?
Detail about TestNG Test Output folder.?
What is the SIDE? What are the different assertions in SIDE?
How to ZIP files in Selenium with an Example?
How to do Applet testing using selenium?
If Default port no is busy how to change the port no?
Majorly asked test scenario with a framework in Interviews?
I want to find the location of “b” in the below code, how can I find out without using XPath, name, id, CSS locator, index?

<div> <Button>a</button> <Button>b</button> <Button>c</button> </div>

What is Git? What is the difference between Git and GitHub?
How many test cases are there in your test suite?
What is String tokenizer??
Have you used String tokenizer?
What is Maven and explain about different Maven goals?
Did you find any Test Scenarios that not to be automated in your project using Selenium?
How to synchronize the collection class?
Action is class or interface?
How do you handle exception handling in selenium?
How to handle autocomplete box in WebDriver?
How can we retrieve the dynamically changing ads?
If a selenium function requires a script argument. What would that argument look like in general terms?
The latest version of firefox and selenium in the market and the version on which you are testing?
What is the difference between WebDriver Listeners and TestNG Listeners?
Write a program for checking emails and deleting them?
Does selenium support https protocols?
Write code for Google search and finding no of results?
Write code for shopping in Flipkart?
Parameter annotation, how to add system property for chrome/iedriver.exe for chrome & IE?
TestNG- Write sample code to select browser depending on the parameter given in testing.xml?
How to check the result with expected?
Explain Assert.assertEquals()?
Can we execute java code without main()?
What are the access modifier and difference in public, private, protected, default?
Why Review is required and who are involved?
What is the difference between a Class and an Object?
Write a Java program to check whether a year is a leap year or not?
Where to use Hashtable in real-time?
Write a Java program to see the output as 0,1,1,2,3?
What is the difference between Volatile & Transient in Java?
Do you have any idea on Enumeration?
Have you worked with SVN?
How can you attach a file in an email using Selenium?
What is the execution order??? @test1 (priority=1) @test2 (priority=2) @test3 @test4(priority=3)?
Can we start from 0 ie.prority=0; can we give priority= -12 ie. –ve no?
What difference do you see when working with a different browser? (except set up or configuration level)?
Have you got any issue that something working fine in FF but not in IE browser? At that time what you will do?
How do you know when to use abstract class and Interface?
Draw the collections hierarchy?
What are boxing and un-boxing?
What is an object repository and explain page factory technique?
Write a code on how you will access web elements x-paths from page factory classes?
How to work on the dynamic drop-down list, tell me the steps to work with it and it must include actions class with mouse hover operations?
What is Apache POI?
Write a code to get the data from excel using POI library?
Why TestNG and why not JUnit?
What is batch and group execution in TestNG?
What are listeners?
How do you know which test cases to automate and which not to automate?
What is log4j and how did you use in web driver?
What is Webdriver-Java interface?
String x=”ABC”; String x=”ab”; does it create two objects?
Class a { } class b extends a { } A a= new A(); B b=new B(); A a= new B(); B a=new A(); Which is valid and invalid?
How to handle different type of pop up.(Window,Alerts,Invisible popup)? 1194. How to handle Google search text?
How to handle dynamic text box which contains the 3 numbers, get the number and add the three number and add it other text box?
How to work with a button which is in div tag and u have to click without using XPath?
JVM is a dependent or independent platform?
How to parameterized your junit?
What are the types of assertion and what is an assertion in JUnit?
What is dom concept?
What is generics?
What is synchronization?
What is the difference between hashmap and hash set?
What is the difference between set and linkedlist?
What is the difference between ArrayList and vector list?
What is the difference between linkedhash set and HashSet?
What are the types of assertion and what is an assertion in java?
What is the default package in java?
What are inner classes them?
In public static void main(String arr[])… what if I replace public with private ……….. remove static ……..replace the void with string?
In hash map we have (key and value ) pair , can we store inside a value =(key, value ) again?
What are variable scope in java (in class , in method , in static block)?
Write a Java program so that whenever you create an object, you get to know how many objects u have created?
What is difference between .equals() , (==) and compare-to(); ?
What is the difference between hash code and equals?
We have 2 interfaces and both have print methods, in my class, I have implemented the print method, how you will get to know that I have implemented the first interface and how you will use it .. if you want to use it?
What is the priority queue in the collection, what is its use and how you have used in your project?
What is the difference between MAP & Set ?
How to call the superclass method in a subclass?
What is the base class for all java classes? And mention its methods?
What is hashcode method? Explain pragmatically by implementing the hashcode method?
What is toString() method ?What happens when I use in the program?
What is the capacity of String Buffer?
What is a list?
Why vector class is defined Synchronized?
If you have multiple alerts, how do you handle it?
How to run build.xml through command prompt?
Retrieve the test data from excel sheet, put in in google search bar, click on the search button and click on the first link opened in google search?
Write a program to check whether the string can be a palindrome. for example if the string aab(it is not a palindrome string). replace the characters in a string like aba, baa etc. and check that can be a palindrome string.?
How will you Identify the webelement that has the same property values?
Write a program to return the number of rows and columns in a web table?
Write a program to return the row and column value like(3,4) for a given data in web table?
How to create a folder in build.xml? 1234. How to handle window id? 1235. How u will get the frame id?
Why we are using the following siblings?
Create a pagefactory for login page?
Can you map test method names in XML file along with class names?
The sequence of execution of below annotations: @Test @BeforeGroups @AfterGroups @BeforeSuite @AfterSuite @BeforeMethod @AfterMethod @BeforeClass @AfterClass?
What is a Yaml file?
How do you fail test cases in TestNg?
How can we control the order of test method invocation?
How can you make sure test methods which are run in a certain order doesn’t really depend on the success of others?
What is the use of static keyword in Main()?
Can a class without main() gets compilation successful?
Can we create private access specifier inside interface?
Is there any way to deallocate memory in JAVA?
Write a program for removing white spaces in a String?
You have a parameterized constructor, whether it will call default constructor first? or directly it will call parameterized constructor?
How will you analyze the failures after giving a run in the TestNG framework?
What is Object class?
Jenkins Tool – Scheduled Batch Run?
How are you writing log files in your framework? Using Log4J Jars or any other methods.?
Write Page factory model code?
How to overwrite a data in excel sheet?
String s=”AABBBCFFDD” Count the presence of each letter?
Write a Java program for pascle triangle?
What are the differences between interface and inheritance?
If we close the driver in try block then, FINALLY will execute or not?
Why we go for a hybrid framework?
What is the difference between data-driven and modular frameworks?
Can we run a test without testng?
What is the difference between method overloading and constructor overloading? with example?
What is the difference between a normal class and final class?
How to handle frames without having any attributes?
Adapter design in java?
Write a Java program for sorting of numbers?
Write a Generic method for selecting from a drop-down?
Write generic code for fetching data from the excel sheet?
How to fetch all the options in autosuggestion?
How to generate daily execution report?
Write a Java program for searching a letter in a string?
Write a Java program for sorting an array?
What is a good approach to throw an exception?
How many test case you run in a batch execution?
How to execute the failed scenarios up to 3 times?
Find how many duplicate values in Array List?
String [] str={“abc”,”efg”,”fgh”}; convert array to string?

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