Selenium + Java Part 5

manual testing
What is your contribution in the preparation of your framework?
Give me one invalid scenario in your project apart from the usual requirement?
If an option given to change a framework, what is your approach and why?
Give a scenario where finally block doesn’t execute?
What is the use of XML file in testng ?
Given a scenario that 5 test cases are there I need to execute first and last 3 (means 2 one should not be executed)? How u make changes in testng xml file?
What is a null pointer exception? Is it checked or not?
Explain how will automate drop-down list? How will you get size? and text present in it?
Give me another way u can send values other than sendkeys?
If an option is given to select manual/automation testing. Which one you will select and why?
Explain about your selenium profile?
What is a regular expression? Where will we use it?
How do you call a function in java?
How do you start the selenium server?
How do you download and use selenium?
How do you differentiate checkbox if more than one checkbox exists in your application?
How to get the href of a link?
How to get the source of an image?
Write a program to count the number of links in a page?
How to check all check-boxes in a page?
What is the output of the below code? driver.findElements(By.tagName(“img”));?
How do you handle JavaScript alert/confirmation popup?
How do you launch IE?
How do you launch the Chrome browser?
How do you click on a menu item in a drop-down menu?
How do you work with page onload authentication popup?
How do you handle untrusted certificates?
Write the code for Reading and Writing to Excel through Selenium?
How to get a typed text from a textbox?
Can you explain the Framework flow with a diagram?
How do you accommodate project-specific methods in your framework?
How is the failure handled in your framework?
What kind of reports are generated by your framework?
. Which is the default port on which selenium RC runs?
When to use web driver backed selenium?
How to invoke an application in webdriver?
Where to download selenium web driver?
Can Selenium test an application on iPhone’s Mobile Safari browser?
Can Selenium test an application on an Android browser?
What is the use of following-sibling?
What is StaleElementException? When does it occur? How do you handle it?
How to get the number of frames on a page?
How to verify that an element is not present on a page?
How do you verify that the given list of numbers on a web page is sorted in ascending order?
How to verify the presence of the success message on a page?
How to verify whether the background colour of a paragraph is green or not?
How to verify that the image changes on mouse hover?
How to login into Facebook using webdriver?
How do you check that the pagination on the google search page is working fine or not?
How to insert a comment in selenium IDE?
How do you handle the secured connection error in HTTPS?
How to handle the dynamic alerts which don’t always appear?
How to verify whether the size of a div is 320px or not?
How to check the cursor type changes on hovering on a link?
How to verify that the font-size of a text is 12px?
How to verify that an image is to the right of the text?
How to verify the presence of a horizontal line on a page?
How to change the URL on a webpage using selenium web driver?
How to get the CSS attribute of a web element using a web driver?
How to verify the presence of tooltips on a web page?
Can you handle flash using web driver?
How to enter :(colon using web driver)?
How to check whether, on click of an element,a new tab will be opened before clicking on that element?
What is the difference between dragAndDrop() and dragAndDropBy()?
How to type text in a new line inside a text area?
What is the use of getPageSource()?
We have 65,000 URLs which we release 3 times a day. How will you test using selenium?
How to launch a Default browser through WebDriver?
How to add the screenshot to result in the window?
How to enter date into date field using JavaScript in WebDriver?
How to take a complete screenshot of the application?
How to take the screenshot of the required element?
Suppose we have multiple tabs like in TestNG(Failed Tests, Run Last-test etc..). How will you handle it?
In a drop-down, we have many options out of which I want to write XPath for a particular option. How will you write?
We have two similar hidden elements with the same attribute, how can you write XPath?
Using AND, OR operation, how can you write XPath for dynamic elements?
I have a server message(Report generated successfully) but I need only report. How you will write the script? 948. Why do you call Eclipse an IDE? What actually is meant by IDE?
What is bitmap Comparison? Why we use it in Selenium WebDriver?
How to get the partial server message using Selenium WebDriver?
want to scroll the web page by (30%,80%) using Selenium WebDriver?
When do we go for automation?
Want to take a screenshot in a webpage(Full or Part of it in a page)?
I have 50 test cases. Will you automate all the test cases?
What are the different types of popups and the ways to automate them?
What is the difference between Xpather and Xpath Checker?
How to specify some delay in loading WebPage?
How to handle Confirmation Pop-Up?
How can you inspect a WebElement with FireBug if the Browser is opened by WebDriver?
In which type of Collection duplicate values are not allowed?
How to retrieve the data from XML for login page? write a script?
I have 50 test cases, out of which I need to run only 1 to 10 test cases. How do u handle?
Write the code for retrieving data from the database for login Page, where login page consists of Email-id textbox, Password textbox, Login & Reset Button. If the password is wrong should reset, else should get login?
How to automate videos?
How to run Selenium 1.0 tests in webdriver?
Which version of selenium IDE supports webdriver?
Which of Selenium IDE commands not supported in webdriver?
Handling the Dynamic Checkboxes inside a table?
Selenium code to reboot the system?
Tell me some of the tools’ names which is used to store the script in common place?
How do you integrate selenium webdriver and java?
How to get delimiters(@,”:&#) from a text file?
How can u find rows from a web table? what is the method you used?
What is Type Casting? Give an example?
How do u configure only Required Testcases for running the TestNG suit in XML?
What is the difference between Alert and Pop-up?
Excel sheet contains 5 rows with id name and attribute. Delete the first row which contains previous data?
If I have a web page called ESPN in that I have the name and ranking of cricketers. How u will check the ranking and name of cricketers in the database are same or not?
Is the framework needed? y? can we run scripts without using framework yes or no?
What is an assertion? What is its drawback? How to overcome it?
Where we can store XPath or other locator value in Selenium Projects?
What is the difference between @AfterMethod and @AfterTest?
Explain about Diamond problem in Java?
Does manual bring more ROI or automation brings more ROI?
hat are primitive data types in Java?
Why String is non-primitive?
What is a headless browser?
What is the best way to locate a web element if there is no unique XPath?
Do you run test cases in parallel with TestNG? If yes how many threads and does it cause any problem?
What is the most common locator you use in your project?
Have you ever done profiling of a web page?
How frequently do you use Thread.Sleep()?
Can we create an object for an interface?
How does Selenium interact with the Web browser?
Can you make the constructor of a class static?
How do you maintain your test scripts and how frequently you have to modify them? 997. Comparable vs comparator?
Any idea or experience with Continuous Integration tool?
Difference between Instantiate and Initialize in Java?
Difference between == and =.?
Are all methods in an abstract class, abstract?
Can we create an object for an abstract class?
Can we write webdriver driver = new webdriver(); ?
What are the different plugins used for Maven? And it’s use?
How do you manage to re-run only failed test cases?
How to make TestNG.xml at run-time?
What’s a Singleton class?
Can we have Finally block without Try & Catch blocks?
How to execute a Java program from the command prompt?
What’s the difference between plug-ins and dependencies?
Java Program: Change a string such that first character is upper case, second is lower case and so on?
Java Program: To find duplicates between two lists?
Write a program to compare two Hashmap for equality?
Java Program: Sort a string which has only 0, 1, 2 in it. Sample input: 010201010100222112 | Sample output: 000000011111122222?
Java Program: String s = “sub53od73th”; Eliminate the numbers alone. Print the Alphabets.
Java program: Reverse the words in the sentence?
Java program: Find the count of each element in a two-dimensional matrix?
Java Program: Find duplicate elements in an array of numbers?
Write a program to find all options from a drop-down & then Sort them?
Write a program to read/write data from a Property file?
Java Program: Write 0 and 1 separately from 10011101101 and find the frequency of each?
Java Program: To print the frequency of words in a paragraph?
Write a dynamic XPath to locate a table’s 2nd row 3rd column data.
What’s the difference between a Maven project and a Java project?
How to integrate your test with Jenkins?
Any example or practical usage of Run time polymorphism?
What’s TestNG Listener Class & why do we use it?
How to click a button without using click() and without using CSS & XPath selectors?
How do you check whether the field is editable or not in selenium?
Explain about testNG listeners?
What are the different tools you use in your project?
How will you execute only a few test cases in a suite?
What are the different methods available in selenium webdriver?
How will you get the odd and even numbers in a given array? Write the program?
How will you get the min and maximum number from a given array? Write a program?
How will you get the browser values from testng?
What is the version control tool you are using and tell me the steps what you follow and how will you resolve conflicts?
What is Maven and its use and the different phases of Maven?
What will you do if there are failures in your suite execution and what is your approach?
Write a program to reverse a string without using inbuilt functions?
Write a program to find out the repeated character in a string?
How to find out the duplicates in an array?
How webdriver works?
What is By class?
What is the method to convert string to an integer?
What is the method to convert an integer to string?
What are static and non-static methods and why will you create static and non-static methods? 1048. Why we go for interface why not abstract class?
Why we use public static void for main?
What is the difference between error and exception?
Why do you get NoSuchElementException ?
Is Java a value-based or reference-based?
Write syntax for switching to default content after switching to any frame?
Write Xpath by using contains?
Why do we use // for writing XPath?
Where do you use OOPS concepts in Selenium, explain one by one?
Where do you keep the test data?
Write syntax for actions class?
Write syntax for drag & drop?
Explain collections?
Write a program to delete duplicate values in string array?
Through Actions class can you pass the test data like instead of sendkeys?
What is Jenkins & how do you configure & how do you get mail once tests are completed?
What is the difference between SVN & GIT?
How do you maintain source code in GIT?
Suppose there are 10 classes & I want to push only 5 classes, how do you do that?
How do you deal when you get conflicts?
What are ancestors & siblings tell me the syntax?
List two different annotations present in TestNG but not in JUnit?
Which is better Xpath and CSS? Why? Based on security which is better?
When should I use Selenium IDE?
What is Same origin policy and how it can be handled?
Explain some disadvantages to manual software testing?

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