Selenium + Java Part 4

manual testing
What are the types of Exceptions in Java?
Write a code to click on a button which is inside a nested iframe?
How to select a checkbox option which is inside a web table?
There are 3 classes say A, B and C in your project. How to access the methods of B and C from A Class?
What type of Jenkins server are you using in your company?
What is the return type of driver.getWindowHandles() in Selenium?
How do you achieve dynamic Polymorphism?
What is a nested class?
How will you call a protected method in a nested class?
In a web page, how will you ensure that the page has been loaded completely?
What is the difference between build and perform methods in Actions Class?
What is the difference between @BeforeMethod and @BeforeTest method?
How will you display the characters count in a String “Steve Jobs” by ignoring the spaces in between?
What is a constructor and when will you use this and super in a constructor?
If you want to call a constructor from the parent class, what will you do?
How will you run your tests using Data Driven Framework?
What are static variables and methods?
How will you make a build using Jenkins?
How will you install ReportNG in your project?
How will you retrieve the value of a particular cell in a web table?
How will you handle dynamic elements using XPath?
What are the Selenium tools and Testing frameworks that you have used in your project?
What is the different Operating Systems that you have automated your Selenium scripts on?
What is the different application domains that you have automated so far?
What are the major challenges in Functional Test Automation?
What are the difficulties you have faced in Object Identification?
Have you conducted Data-Driven Testing in any of your automation projects?
Have you conducted Batch Testing in any of your automation projects?
Have you conducted Cross Browser Testing in any of your automation projects?
Have you handled duplicate elements on the web pages in your automation projects?
How many test cases you automated in any of your Project/Module?
How you organized your Test Automation resources in your Project?
Did you use any build management tools in your project?
How you handled errors in your Test Scripts?
Did you create any reusable components while automation any of your projects?
Did you find any test scenarios that cannot be automated in your projects using Selenium?
How to execute multiple Java programs at a time?
How to conduct a parallel test execution?
Did you involve in Selenium Test Automation environment setup?
What is a class and an object?
How to call the function of a class without creating an object?
What is HashMap? 708. How to synchronize Collection classes?
Why main() is declared as static?
What is the use of sleep()?
How to find invisible elements on a web page? Write some sample code?
How to generate logs?
How to handle dynamic changing ids or elements?
What are the different methods you have seen in XPath?
How to generate dynamic XPath?
How to handle multiple frames in Selenium?
Why Automation?
When to start Automation?
How to identify which scenarios need to be Automated?
What is Select Class in Selenium WebDriver and how to use it?
What is Alert interface and how to use it?
What is click() command in Selenium WebDriver?
What is sendKeys() command in Selenium WebDriver?
How to read data from properties file in Selenium?
Explain your automation framework architecture?
Have you conducted cross-browser testing in a parallel way using TestNG?
What is parameterization in TestNG?
How to handle internationalization using Selenium WebDriver?
What are the defects you have found while automating your application?
Write a code to open an application in Firefox browser?
What is the difference between Call by Value and Call by Reference?
How to find the length of the String without using length function?
How to find out the part of the string from a string?
What is data binding (Early and late binding)?
Write a Java program to find find the biggest number among 1,2,3,4,5,65,76,5,,4,33,4,34,232,3,2323?
Explain Automation Life Cycle (ATLC)?
What are the things you have stored in PageFactory and why?
Have you used any constructor in Selenium?
How do you handle untrusted SSL certificate in Selenium WebDriver?
How to verify a particular image out of many images on a web page and verify its size using Selenium WebDriver?
How do you find out Active elements using Selenium WebDriver?
What is String class and its methods?
What is the difference between the Selenium Grid and Selenium WebDriver?
How would you save a cookie value in WebDriver? 745. How do you locate a button which is present on a web page using span class, when it doesn’t have an Id, Class or anything? 746. How will you invoke a firefox browser?
What will be the logic behind fetching the data from a data provider and inserting it on UI?
How will you mark a method as a data provider using TestNG annotation?
How does the method overriding defers from abstraction and inheritance?
Why do we go for Page Object Model (POM) and what is its purpose?
What is the difference between StringBuffer and StringBuilder?
How will you configure Jenkins?
How will you configure ANT?
Why do we go for Apache POI API? What is its purpose?
Write a script for a login page which is being used at your organization?
Why do we use generics for getting a list of multiple elements?
In what way, method overriding in polymorphism and inheritance differs with each other?
What is the flow of fetching data from excel using Apache POI?
Why do we provide “//” in java while fetching a path of excel?
What are the types of exceptions which will appear while finding elements?
What is an object array and why do we use it for data provider?
What is the syntax of defining a data provider in a separate class?
How will you open the URL using IE Browser in Selenium?
What is upcasting and downcasting in Java? How will you use it in Selenium with an example?
What is reflection in Java?
What are abstract classes and methods in Java?
What have you done to improve the performance of selenium framework?
What are the parameters related to POM?
How to automate a scroll bar?
Write a Java code to copy the emp id from the first excel sheet having emp name and emp id, and paste copied emp name into another excel sheet have emp name only based on the emp name?
Coding, if you are writing selenium automation code for different browsers?
How do we switch from one page to another page in POM?
How to parse XML files in your project?
Where are you using Jenkins in your project?
How do you use all your scripts locally?
Where do you store all your reports?
What will you do when you have more number of lines of code having repeated code?
I want to take one test case report from all the executed test cases. How can we get it without using TestNG?
What are the different controllers you automated on a web page?
How to select a random record from a record of 1000 values?
Suppose you have 3000 test data stored in an excel file? Can you use Excel in this case and what are its drawbacks?
Where we use HashMap in real-time?
What are the steps for checking the JDBC connection?
I have a location in the local system like x=C:// , y=//selenium//image.png, can we concatenate these two variables x,y in order to form the location path?
In the Selenium project, we use hierarchy like interface, followed by abstract class, followed by a class. Can’t we directly use interface followed by a class?
Can we use for loop in keyword driven framework?
What if we don’t have locators information? Is there any method to automate?
What are the basic plugins you used in Jenkins?
How do you manage reports in Jenkins?
In a page, if we have 3 apply buttons (1st button on top, 2nd button in middle and 3rd button on the bottom). How will you click on the middle button?
In how many ways, can I take keyboard inputs?
Can we have main method constructor in the interface?
What is the command line to run TestNG batch file in command prompt?
Which command retrieves the text on a web element?
How do you manage the source code of your automation project?
In Maven, from where the jar files will get downloaded from?
In Maven, do we have to manually download and configure/update the required jar files?
Why webdriver is an interface, not a class? What could be the problems we face if it is a Class in Selenium?
How one would do dynamic content testing using Selenium WebDriver?
How one would do Ajax content testing using Selenium WebDriver?
If you have more than one object repository in your project, how will your script pick up the correct object repository?
Write a code to find the occurrence of substring says “hello” in the given String say “helloslkhellodjladfjhello” ?
How to run only skipped test cases in Selenium?
. Suppose 400 test cases are running and after 150 test cases got executed the system got crashed or network was gone or application got crashed. How to run only the test cases which are not executed?
Suppose in the selenium grid, there are 4 nodes connected and the test execution started in grid parallelly. In the middle of the execution, one of the nodes got disconnected. What happens with the execution?
Suppose in selenium grid, if you are doing parallel testing in 3 browsers. How many reports will your framework generate and how do you segregate each browser execution results
There are 300 test cases, I want to execute test cases in some custom order, how to change the order of execution without doing changes in testng.XML and in code(.class files). If we can do, tell the logic and if we cannot do, justify with reason?
Is default polling frequency 250 ms applies to implicit wait or explicit wait or for both types of wait? 810. If implicit wait is 10 sec and element is found in 5 sec, will driver move to execute the next statement after 5 sec or it will wait for complete 10 sec then move?
If an explicit wait is 10 sec and the condition is met in 5 sec, will driver move to execute next statement after 5 sec or it will wait for complete 10 sec then move?
How to switch from frame to the main window? With syntax.
There is a submit button in the page it has id property. By using “id” we got “element not found exception”, how will you handle this situation? What might be the problem in this case?
If the submit button is contained in one of 3 frames in the page, how will you handle this case?
If an element is loaded by taking much time, how to handle this situation in selenium?
What is the problem with Thread.Sleep in code?
When we execute test cases in grid where results will be stored in node or hub?
Manually you opened a Firefox browser window with Gmail login, now with selenium, you opened a Firefox browser window with Facebook login, what happens when we use quit method? Will, it closes all windows including Gmail one?
Is it possible to pass test data through testng.xml file, if yes how?
How to run specific kind of Test cases using TestNG?
What are all interfaces available in selenium?
Can we execute test cases in order without using TestNG?
There are two methods in the same class with the same name with different arguments and different access modifiers like public void m1(int a){} private void m1(string b){} Is it overloading or not?
Is multilevel inheritance is possible in java? Give reason.
There are 10 pages in the same window, an image is present on any page out of ten pages in the same window. How will you validate this scenario?
How to check whether an image is loaded correctly or not on-page?
Is it possible to compare two images with Sikuli?
Write a code for multiple handling windows?
What is Automation and Manual Testing?
How to generate user-defined exceptions, write syntax?
What is an Absolute XPath? Write its syntax?
What is a Relative XPath? Write its syntax?
What are the WebDriver supported Mobile Testing Drivers do you know?
What is the difference between “type” and “typeAndWait” command?
How to execute JavaScript in Selenium?
What is the testng.xml file used for?
How could AJAX controls be handled in WebDriver?
Can we use Selenium RC for tests driving on two different browsers on one operating system without Selenium Grid?
How would you test your own element locator?
What API is required for Database Testing in Selenium WebDriver?
What Java API is required for generating PDF reports?
Explain why to choose Python over Java in Selenium.
How can you run Selenium Server other than the default port 4444?
Explain how you can capture server-side log Selenium Server?
What is a framework and what are the frameworks available in RC?
How to call keywords in scripts?
What is reflection API? Why we use this concept?
What is your roll in a framework?
Is Polymorphism used? explain where?
Can you write a script on emails scenarios?
Write code for Gmail login in Selenium WebDriver?
If an object is changing after every build, how can u handle it through coding?
I want to execute one FEATURE 50% and then want to execute other FEATURE fully, how will u do it?
What are the issues you have faced in the AUTOMATION FRAMEWORK?
Want to execute a particular module, what will be your approach?
On what platform JENKINS will work?
How to use JENKINS to execute a particular module?
How the testng class’s execution happen?
What is the advantage of using locators like ID ,NAME over XPATH?
How you are executing the application on different platforms(OS)?
How do u handle dynamic elements without using XPath (with example)?
What are the different types of driver implementation?
Program to display sysdate and time in text file (using file handling)?
What is Check-in & check-out revert?
Which repository you have used to store the test scripts?
How to work with web list @ radio button in web driver?
Why you have chosen a particular framework in your project?
Write a selenium code that u wrote in your current project?
Another way you can select element other than select class?
What are ajax elements? How u can handle them?

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