Test Scenarios of Car


Test Scenarios of Car

Complete List of the Test Scenarios of Car. Test Scenarios For Website Testing.

Positive Test Cases of Car

1. Verify that car should get unlocked and start smoothly on unlocking with its key

2. Verify that car gets driven smoothly at normal speed on road and under normal climatic condition

3. Verify that clutch, break and accelerator functions are working correctly

4. Verify the engine type of car – whether it is Petrol, Diesel or CNG engine

5. Verify the car’s performance on different types of roads- charcoal, cement etc.

6. Verify car’s performance and fuel consumption on plains, hills and slops

7. Verify that the mileage of the car is as per the specification

8. Verify that the dimensions of the car are as per the specification

9. Check if the car is sports car or luxury car

10. Check that the fuel capacity is as per the specification

11. Check if the steering is power steering or not

12. Check if gears are automatic or manual

13. Verify if the reverse gear of the car works correctly

14. Check if the height of the car’s floor is at an optimum distance from road

15. Verify the top speed of the car under normal conditions

16. Verify the maximum acceleration of the car

17. Verify the car’s outer body material

18. Check if the car’s pane are made of tempered glass or not

19. Check the number of seats in the car

20. Check if the hand brakes are functional or not

21. Verify that brakes work correctly and gets applied in a timely manner or not

22. Verify the type and power of battery

23. Check if the headlights are working fine and give proper lighting when applied at night/dark

24. Verify the shock absorber of the car

25. Verify if the air bags are present or not and are functional if present

26. Check if center locking is present or not and is functional if present

27. Check if the seat belts are present and are functioning correctly

28. Verify car’s interior- spacing, material, quality etc.

29. Verify if the speedometer, fuel meter and other indicators are working fine or not

30. Verify cars performance, tire’s grip on driving the car on rainy day

31. Verify that car should get started and run smoothly on using it after several days

32. Check the automatic car lock functionality

33. Verify that car’s back light should get lightened on reversing the car

34. Verify that left and right indicators should function correctly

35. Check if anti-theft alarm is working correctly or not

Negative Test Cases of Car

1. Verify the car’s functioning on filling it with non-prescribed fuel type

2. Drive car at high speed on first gear only

3. Keep the air pressure different on all the four tires and then drive the car

4. Use hand break while driving the car

5. Try to start the car with some other key

6. Check the condition of tires on filling them at pressure higher than prescribed

7. Check the condition, speed and fuel consumption of car on filling the tires with pressure less than prescribed

8. Check car’s speed, performance and fuel consumption on driving the car on roads not conducive for driving