Test Scenarios of Calculator


Test Scenarios of Calculator

Complete List of the Test Scenarios of Calculator. Test Scenarios For Website Testing.

1. Check if the calculator is normal calculator or scientific calculator

2. Verify that all the buttons are present and text written on them is readable

3. Check the arithmetic operations are working fine- +, -, /, * etc.

4. Verify that BODMAS is applied in case of complex queries and correct result is returned

5. Verify that calculator gives correct result in case of operations containing decimal numbers

6. Check if the calculator is battery operated or works on solar power

7. Verify the outer body material of the calculator

8. Verify the spacing between the two buttons, the buttons should not be too closely placed

9. Check the pressure required to press a button, the pressure required should not be too high

10. Verify the number of digits allowed to enter in the calculator for any operation

11. Verify the limit of the response value

12. Verify the functioning of memory functions

13. Check if calculator allows to navigate through previous calculations

14. Verify that hitting ‘C’ cancels any digits or operation added

15. Verify the working of ON-OFF button in the calculator

16. Check if keeping the calculator unused for certain period of time, turns it off automatically

17. Verify that on pressing two operators one after the other, the latest one will override the previous operator

18. Verify the state of calculator when two buttons are pressed simultaneously

19. Verify if user can delete a digits one by one using backspace key