API Testing Interview


API Testing Interview

Try yourself, and  Set yourself up to win.

  1. How to parse a JSON?
  2. How to parse an XML?
  3. Write code for conversion of JSON to XML and XML to JSON.
  4. What do you mean by the query parameter and path parameter? 
  5. What is the difference between put and patch?
  6. Define what is validation while API automation?
  7. Explain your framework (Rest Assured).
  8. What do you mean by object notation and array notation in JSON?
  9. Write code for JSON Read
  10. What do you mean by POJO why we use POJO?
  11. Explain what do you mean by authentication and what are the types of authentication while API testing?
  12. What is the difference between URI and URL
  13. How do you store the result and use it further in groovy scripting?
  14. Explain what do you mean by Test runner in groovy scripting?
  15. What is the Rest service architecture?
  16. Explain soap service architecture?
  17. What is the soap UI work hierarchy?
  18. How to set and get property using groovy scripting
  19. What do you mean by jsonsluper and xmlholder?
  20. How to convert JSON to Hashmap?
  21. What do you mean by Data source Data Sink and Data Source loop and why do we use it?
  22. How to handle SSL in SoapUI?
  23. What are the different types of properties in SoapUI How you declare using groovy scripting?
  24. Define Webservices and why do we use Webservices?
  25. What is the difference between soap and Rest?
  26. Explain what do you mean by UDDI and what do you mean by WSDL.?
  27. What are the different types of HTTP Methods?
  28. How to parse a list from a JSON, for example, there is JSON and there are multiple IDs how you will parse all the IDs from JSON and how you will parse a particular I’d from that JSON.
  29. Perform a POST Request with RestAssured?
  30. How you will test the REST API with Rest Assured?
  31. Write a simple Rest Assured test case that validates sample JSON response?
  32. API returns a simple integer array [1, 2, 3], how to test such a response using Rest Assured?
  33. How to treat float and doubles as BigDecimal in JSON input?
  34. Explain how to set path params in API calls?
  35. How to extract API responses after validation?
  36. Set cookies in API calls?
  37. Verify cookie, status, headers, and content-type in API response.
  38. How to test the REST API that requires OAuth1 authentication?
  39. You have a fleet of APIs that requires n number of custom headers, how can you avoid duplicating the code for parsing the same headers again and again?
  40. What is the difference between API and WebService?
  41. Difference between SOAP & Rest API?
  42. Can you write a sample of API(URL) and JSON?
  43. How do you handle the Authentication token?
  44. Types of Authentication in POSTMAN/ Rest-Assured.
  45. What is the difference between OAuth1.0 and OAuth2.O, When and where do you use and how. Can you write a sample code?
  46. What is the base URI in RestAssured?
  47. Can you explain RequestSpecification request = RestAssured.given();
  48. What will be returned type of response.jsonPath().getJsonObject(“XYZ”);
  49. How do you extract the values of JSON and how do you validate the response.
  50. Can you write a code for saving the response in a JSON file?
  51. How do you validate headers of response?
  52. What is the difference between Headers and Header class?
  53. What is difference between response.header(“xyz”) and response.headers() methods.
  54. Can you extract all the headers from the response at run time?
  55. What is JSONObject() , request.header(“xyz”), response.path(“lable”) , response.body().asString() , response.getBody().prettyPrint(); , RestAssured.given().queryParam(“xyz”,”abc”);
  56. What is the difference between request.get(“https//allstq.com/api/allcustomers”) and request.request(Method.GET,”/ allcustomers “);
  57.  Difference between PUT and Patch? Have you ever used and where.
  58. What are status code(2xx ,3xx ,4xx, 5xx) in API.
  59. How do you print your response in JSON format?
  60. Post body in POST request and how many ways to post.
  61. What all are the dependency for Rest-Assured.



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