Xoriant Solutions- Interview Questions

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Xoriant Solutions- Interview Questions

Collection of Xoriant Solutions Interview Questions. The section contains a real-time interview experience shared by the interviewees.

1. Rate yourself out of 5 in Java, Selenium, and Cucumber.

2. Tell me about yourself?

3. Roles & Responsibilities.

4. Explain your Framework.

5. Explain the drop-down concept in different ways.

6. Flipkart scenario to click on Electronics (using Action Class)

7. What is Polymorphism?

8. Explain what is an interface?

9. What is Cucumber?

10. The difference of scenario outline & data tables in cucumber.

11. What are hooks?

12. What is Tagging in cucumber?

13. Difference between dryRun & Strict in cucumber.

14. Does Cucumber support TestNG?

15. What is encapsulation? Explain with example & code.

16. Java program to find duplicate characters from word without using for loops.

17. Explain code of object Repository (.properties file).

18. How you store data in .properties file?

19. What is a page factory?

20. Difference between @BeforeClass & @BeforeTest.

21. What thing do you write in @BeforeTest?

22. How to skip test cases in Cucumber?

23. How to run the failed test case in TestNG?

24. What do you write in @BeforeSuite annotation?

25. How to Group and run that test cases in TestNG?

26. Explain different types of locators

27. What is a collection in java?

28. Hierarchy of Exception.

29. Explain what is integration testing.

30. What are the techniques of integration testing?

31. Difference between sanity & regression testing

32. What is final in java?

33. What is public and protected?

34. Explain RTM in detail?

35. What is the test plan explain in detail all parameters?

36. Explain your roles in the current project.

37. What are the access modifiers?

38. How you manage the situation on release if other QAs are available.

39. Explain polymorphism.

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