Xceedance- Interview Questions

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Xceedance Interview Questions

Collection of Xceedance Interview Questions. The section contains a real-time interview experience shared by the interviewees.

1st Technical Round

1. Introduce yourself.
2. Ever write data in xlsx file programmatically?
3. What is parametrization? How can we achieve it using TestNG?
4. Why the main method is required to start the execution?
5. What are Static and Dynamic binding?
6. Usage of super and this keyword?
7. What is method overloading and overriding?
8. What is Collections in Java?
9. Ever used Hashmap?
10. ArrayList vs LinkedList?
11. What is Object in Java?
12. What is Throwable? Exception hierarchy.
13. What are Checked and Unchecked Exceptions? Examples
14. Try catch block. How many catch blocks with try?
15. What is the scope of default, protected? Is default a keyword?
16. Difference between == and equals()
17. What is an interface? Can we have a method body inside it?
18. What is implements?
19. Difference between quit() and close()?
20. Different ways to click?
21. Selenium exceptions?
22. What is StaleElementReferenceException? How can you handle it?
23. How can you print all the values present inside dropdown -> countries (India, US)?



1. What is the output of the program?

class Adder{
static int add(int a,int b){
return a+b;
static double add(int a,int b){
return a+b;

class TestOverloading3{
public static void main(String[] args){
2. Find out the middle character?
String str=”Hellojava”;


2nd Technical Round

1. Introduce yourself
2. How do you read data from an excel sheet?
3. What is Apache POI?
4. What are the tags in the testng.xml file?
5. What is Polymorphism?
6. Final vs Finally vs Finalize
7. What if Exception comes in finally block?
8. How do you find the Broken links on a web page?
9. What is By?
10. Syntax for getting all the links present on a web page?
List<WebElement> links = driver.findElements(By.tagName(“a”));
11. Static wait vs Implicit Wait
12. Thread.sleep -> Is it given by Java or Selenium?
13. Can we override the static method? Yes/No – Explain.
14. Can we override the private method?
15. What is inheritance? Can you define Hierarchical?
16. Java Exceptions – Checked and Unchecked?
17. When does IOException occurs?
18. Why to use TestNG over JUnit? What are the advantages?
19. How do you prioritize -> Can I give the value as -2?
20. Priority (-2, 2, 0) -> Which method will execute first?
21. How can you get all the values from the dropdown (Dropdown does not have any select tag)
22. How to find the height and width of the image?
23. XPath vs CSS Selector? Which is better and Why?
24. Go to MakeMyTrip website-> Depaturedate ->
Inputs taking from ExcelSheets -> 19-05-2021 -> 19-05-2021 -> 19th May 2021 (application supports)
How will you create the XPAth for the same to select the date for DepartureDate?


1. What will be the output for this :

public static void main(String[] args) {

String s1 = new String("automation");

String s2 = new String("AUTOMATION");

System.out.println(s1 = s2);



3rd Technical Round

1. BDD vs TDD?
2. Suggest to your client which one is best and Why?
3. Keyword vs Data-driven frameworks?
4. How many frameworks are there which can be used for Automation?
5. Why are you looking for a change?
6. Why do you want to join us?


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