Types of bugs found during API testing

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Types of bugs found during API testing

API stands for Application Programming Interface. Generally, APIs are used to establish the interaction between two different applications. When API is used over a web network, we call them ‘Web Services’. In recent times APIs have become the backbone of programming. As in an application, writing APIs to communicate with the database, or with another module has become a common practice now and that is why as a tester we must test the APIs for maximum test coverage.

1- Duplicate Functionality

When more than one APIs perform the same function

2- Missing Functionality

When a requirement is not fulfilled by any of the APIs developed

3- Compatibility

When APIs don’t work well with certain platforms, frameworks, or languages, leading to integration issues

4- Error Handling

When APIs don’t provide correct error messages for unexpected/invalid requests

5- Security

When APIs are accessible to unauthorised users too

6- Reliability

When APIs may not be available at all times

7- Performance

When APIs take a long time to respond, it could be at an increased load

8- Documentation

When APIs don’t have adequate or easy-to-understand documentation

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