Test Scenarios of Date field


Test Scenarios of Date field

Complete List of the Test Scenarios of Date field. Test Scenarios For Website Testing.

1. Verify that on clicking the date field a calendar widget should open.

2. Verify that the default width of the calendar should be displayed as per the specification.

3. Verify that user can select a date in the calendar and after selecting the date the same gets displayed in the date field.

4. Verify that by default current month’s calendar should be displayed.

5. Verify that user can move to previous and next month’s calendar by choosing the left and right icon over the calendar.

6. Verify that user can check a specific year’s calendar.

7. Verify that user enter date manually in the date following the date format.

8. Verify that user can edit a date set by choosing the one selected from the calendar.

9. Verify that values other than numeric should not be allowed in the date field (apart from the characters used in the date format like ‘/’ or ‘-‘.

10. Verify that invalid dates are not allowed in the date field (like date value exceeding 31, month value exceeding 12 etc.).