Test cases of Coffee Machine


Test cases of Coffee Machine

Complete List of the Test cases of Coffee Machine. Test Scenarios For Website Testing.


1. UI scenario – Verify that the dimension of the coffee machine are as per the specification

2. Verify that outer body as well as inner part’s material are as per the specification

3. Verify that the machine’s body color as well brand are correctly visible and as per specification

4. Verify the input mechanism for coffee ingredients-milk, water, coffee beans/powder etc.

5. Verify that the quantity of hot water, milk, coffee powder per serving is correct

6. Verify the power/voltage requirements of the machine

7. Verify the effect of suddenly switching off the machine or cutting the power. Machine should stop in that situation and in power resumption, the remaining coffee should not get come out of the nozzle.

8. Verify that coffee should not leak when not in operation

9. Verify the amount of coffee served in single serving is as per specification

10. Verify that the digital display displays correct information

11. Check if the machine can be switched on and off using the power buttons

12. Check for the indicator lights when machine is switched on-off

13. Verify that the functioning of all the buttons work properly when pressed

14. Verify that each button has image/text with it, indicating the task it performs

15. Verify that complete quantity of coffee should get poured in single operation, no residual coffee should be present in the nozzle

16. Verify the mechanism to clean the system work correctly- foamed

17. Verify that the coffee served has the same and correct temperature each time it is served by the machine

18. Verify that system should display error when it runs out of ingredients

19. Verify that pressing coffee button multiple times lead to multiple serving of coffee

20. Verify that there is passage for residual/extra coffee in the machine

21. Verify that machine should work correctly in different climatic, moistures and temperature conditions

22. Verify that machine should not make too much sound when in operation

23. Performance test – Check the amount of time the machine takes to serve a single serving of coffee

24. Performance test – Check the performance of the machine when used continuously till the ingredients run out of the requirements

25. Negative Test – Check the functioning of coffee machine when two/multiple buttons are pressed simultaneously

26. Negative Test – Check the functioning of coffee machine with lesser or higher voltage then required

27. Negative Test – Check the functioning of coffee machine if the ingredient container’s capacity is exceeded