Test cases for eCommerce website


Test cases for eCommerce website (Product Selection related checklist)

Complete List of the Test cases for eCommerce website in a Web Application. Test Scenarios For Website Testing.

  1. Verify products or items shown on the webpage clearly.
  2. Make sure that the items are categorized or not by the category name.
  3. Verify that the image added to the product should not be broken or blurred.
  4. Verify product size, dimensions and quality are mentioned under the product or
  5. Verify shipping information for the product is displayed or not.
  6. Verify whether product reviews by the customer are added or not.
  7. Verify the overall rating of the product is shown on the web page or not.
  8. Confirm whether the images for the products are available or not.
  9. Verify image of the product added should be the real image of the product.
  10. Confirm the user-selected product detail page opens as the user clicks on the image or name of the product.
  11. Check whether the number of the remaining product shown or not.
  12. Confirm whether the available color of the item should be shown on the
    webpage or not.
  13. Check the correct price of the product should be displayed on the webpage.
  14. Verify whether the product-related items are shown on the product detail web
    page or not.