Test Cases For CAPTCHA


Test Cases For Radio Buttons

Complete List of the Test Cases For Radio Buttons in a Web Application. Test Scenarios For Website Testing.


  1. Verify the time duration in which the captcha is loaded on the webpage.
  2. Check the time out for the Captcha. The time in which the captcha becomes
  3. Test the captcha on slow internet. An invalid captcha error message should
    not be shown.
  4. Verify the captcha and click on the submit button two times. It should not
    display an invalid captcha error.
  5. Verify every time a new captcha should be shown on page reload.
  6. Verify user IP is blocked on attempting an invalid captcha after the defined
    number of attempts.
  7. Verify captcha is placed on the required web page.
  8. Verify captcha added is aligned or not.
  9. Verify captcha is shown on ad blockers or not.
  10. Verify captcha working on adblocker or not. 11.verify webpage accepts the valid captcha or not.
  11. Verify that the user can request for new captcha without the page loading option being present or not.
  12. Verify whether an audio option is added for the captcha or not as per the requirements.
  13. Verify new captcha is generated in case the user adds the wrong captcha.
  14. Verify an error message shown when page timeout for the captcha.
  15. Verify an error message should be shown in case the captcha is not filled by
    the user.
  16. Verify a proper error message is shown in case the user does not fill the
    captcha correctly.
  17. Verify an error message is shown in case the captcha is partly filled by the