Synechron- Interview Questions

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Synechron Interview Questions

Collection of Synechron Interview Questions. The section contains a real-time interview experience shared by the interviewees.

Have you used any interface in your framework other than selenium interfaces?

What are all the selenium interfaces?

Describe Synchronization in selenium? Write syntax for the implicit wait.

How you will handle popup windows other than the get window handle method?

Explain the framework of your project?

What was the use of POM in your framework?

What is Page Factory?

Suppose you have 7 pages in your application then to achieve POM what you will do?

What is Jenkins?

Explain what is the use of Pom.xml?

What is the use of testng.xml?

Annotation used in page object model?

What are Listeners?

How you will handle alerts in selenium?

How to get the system date and time?

Explain how to connect to the database?

What exceptions did you face in selenium?

Suppose you have class and abstract class in class there is a user-defined constructor and main method which one will get execute first?

Primitives and Non Primitives datatypes in java? String is primitive or non-primitive?

What is Hashmap ? Can we store objects in hash map? How to retrieve them?

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