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Technology is ever-changing. It is really important for us to be aware of the recent and upcoming Software Testing Trends. Let’s go through the top software testing trends for the coming year 2021, Be prepared and stay relevant in the coming year as a software testing professional or QA professional.

Machine Learning in Testing

The future is going to be about Autonomous Testing, Machine Learning and AI. It’s going to be about dynamic locator and smarter testing, that’s the name of the game. Automation skill set, maintenance, scaling and the changing authoring etc are some of the major challenges which will be taken care of by AI. 


Agile development methodology will continue for the coming years as well. Most of the product development companies are adopting Agile system. You should be prepared with, how things work in agile.

DevOps, and CI/CD

Whether you are a developer, tester or you are from the operation side, deployment side DevOps is involved everywhere. Continuous Integration is the most important part of automation testing. Please start learning the implementation of CI/CD as it will be a trending topic for the coming years.

Testing of Big Data

Testing of big data is a trending topic and the demand for big data experts is increasing day by day. Big data testing can be defined as a procedure that involves examining and validating the functionality of big data applications. 

IoT Testing

One of the most rapidly growing “thing” in business and technology space is “Internet of Thing” or IoT. The world of Internet of Thing (IoT) is exploding, disrupting many industries and improving global technologies. This will be another trending topic for the upcoming years.

Test Automation

Test automation we need for sure and the demands will continue for automation testers. Functional testing, regression testing, web application testing, Selenium, Appium, UFT, etc will stay in the market since companies are not going to reduce the development cycle and they want to ship the product as early as possible.

API Testing

The demand for API testing professionals shows a positive hike and it will continue. Early testing, easier test maintenance, and speed are the advantages of API testing. There are various tools available in the market for API testing but postman and REST Assured are still dominating.

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