Software Testing Part 1

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Software Testing Part 1

Below is the list of software testing questions for the interview.

  1. Tell me about your testing career? 
  2. Interesting defect, Worst defect, Adhoc testing defect, Critical defect? 
  3. Why Adhoc testing is required and when do we do it? 
  4. When a developer is not ready to accept your defect how will you convince him? 
  5. Why you go for a review of test cases? 
  6. What are all the criteria for reviewing test cases? 
  7. When do you prepare the Traceability matrix and why it is required?
  8. Difference between Review and Traceability matrix?
  9. On what basis will you review the requirement specification?
  10. What all you will find in your requirement specification?
  11. In your team, there are around 10 members your lead does not like only you. How do you react to this?
  12. What are the Equivalence Class and Equivalence partitioning?
  13. There are 3 types of files allowed to upload to an application. The supported files are .doc, .xls. ppt. what is the equivalence class?
  14. Test case design techniques
  15. Defect tracking
  16. SDLC and STLC
  17. Test Plan
  18. Negative test cases are written for your project?
  19. What is your daily routine as soon as you enter the company?
  20. Tell me about your 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses?
  21. On the previous day of the release, you will get a critical defect wherein on fixing this
  22. Defect, it impacts many areas of your project. What will you do at this situation, will you log the defect?
  23. The architecture of your project?
  24. Difference between Standalone, Client/Server, and Web applications?
  25. How will you test a Web application?
  26. Difference between the Web server and Application server?
  27. How will you perform Security testing?
  28. Difference between Smoke and Sanity testing?
  29. Testing methodologies
  30. How will you get the build? For how many days you will get a build? 
  31. Explain how will you communicate with your developers? 
  32. Templates of the test case, Test plan, Traceability matrix, Test case review, Test execution report, Defect report? 
  33. Scenarios in test case design techniques? 
  34. A text box accepts values 21 and 100-200. Use test case design techniques and write the test data? 
  35. Difference between the testing environment and the Production environment? 
  36. How will you do Test case prioritization? 
  37. What is test preparation? 
  38. At what stage you will start testing? 
  39. What is the last stage of testing? 
  40. When do you stop testing?
  41. What are verification and validation?
  42. Explain are Walkthrough, inspection, and review?
  43. What are static and dynamic testing?
  44. Explain is parallel testing?
  45. What is the difference between the Development Server and Test Server?
  46. Difference between Regression and Retesting?
  47. What are the criteria for usability testing? How u prepare a usability checklist?
  48. Explain are performance testing, load, stress, volume, and soak testing?
  49. Difference between XP and Vista?
  50. Why are you looking for a job change?
  51. Why you choose testing as your career and why not development?
  52. Tell me the URL of your client/server or web application?
  53. Why the developer can’t test the application?
  54. What should be the tester’s attitude towards application?
  55. Why testing is important?
  56. What is the end user testing?
  57. Who will do the acceptance testing?
  58. What are Alpha and Beta testing?
  59. How do you defend yourself as a hard worker/Smart worker?
  60. What do you mean by quality? What measures you will take to make your product a quality product? 
  61. Tell Functional testing, Integration Testing, and system testing Scenarios of your application?
  62. Difference between system and end-to-end testing?
  63. What are the Severity and Priority?
  64. One example of Low Severity and Low Priority, High Severity and Low Priority, Low Severity and High 
  65. Priority, High Severity, and High Priority? 
  66. How will you prepare your weekly report or status report? 
  67. What is the test execution cycle? 
  68. What are the contents of the release notes?
  69. Difference between Defect, Bug, Failure, and Error?
  70. To whom you log your defects?
  71. When do you go for test automation?
  72. What is the difference between the Test Plan and Test strategy?
  73. What is a Milestone? How many milestones you have in your project?
  74. Explain is an agile methodology?
  75. If a defect occurs in the product who is responsible?
  76. Whether your test cases cover all the scenarios?
  77. What are the deliverables you provide to the client while releasing the product?
  78. I will give you a complex application to test in 3 days. How will you test it within that short span of time?
  79. Difference between 2-tier and 3-tier application? 
  80. What are all the attributes of your defect-tracking tool?
  81. How do you search for a particular defect?
  82. Email notification settings?
  83. What setup is required in a testing server?
  84. Total no of test cases and defects in your application you wrote?
  85. How many test cases you write every day?
  86. The ratio of developer and tester for a project?
  87. Difference between Version, Release, and Build?
  88. For which type of testing we have to write test cases?
  89. Whether java, .net, etc., should be installed while you are testing the respective application? 
  90. Difference between HTTP and WWW?
  91. What are the criteria to identify test cases for regression testing?
  92. Negative test cases for Find and Replace?
  93. Difference between path coverage, branch coverage, condition coverage, and statement coverage?
  94. Write test cases for a search web page like goggle? Write high-level test cases for it?
  95. How to write for the advanced search and search button?
  96. How do you maintain regression test cases?
  97. What we normally check for in the database resting?
  98. Why UNIX is required for TE? what is the role of TE if he knows UNIX?
  99. What is the document that the development team passes while passing the build for testing? How do they communicate?
  100. Can we write test cases by seeing a design document?
  101. How do you maintain regression test cases??
  102. What is the document that the development team passes while passing build for testing
  103. How they communicate when the build is passed for testing?
  104. How to write a Test Case for Opening a Bank Account? 
  105. If HLD (High-Level Design doc) and the CRS (Client Requirement Specification)are different then on which basis we write test cases?
  106. How would test Internet explorer –given the condition that you don’t have any documents?? How would you plan your test cases? What type of test cases you can write?
  107. Write test cases for satellite?
  108. There are 3 mandatory fields and 3 optional fields: How many possible test cases can be written? How many positive test cases can be written?
  109. Write test cases for ordinary calculators like+, -, %, *, /, square root using test scenarios?
  110. What is the difference between Business Requirement Document/Functional requirements Specification/Software Requirement Specification?
  111. Write the test cases for the Date field and time field?
  112. How to break a Date field into Year, month, week, a day? (For example, I have a field INVOICE_DATE. Now I want to break it as Year, month. ..)?
  113. Please explain how we can estimate to Prepare test cases and execution of test cases. Is there any benchmark…
  114. There is a French dictionary and if you want to check it in English and there is no documentation available then how you will test it and write test cases?
  115. Write down test cases for Notepad to “Save/Save as” a file. Write down Functional, UI,
  116. Performance, Load, Stress Test cases – scenario in “Save/Save as”.
  117. What kind of things you have to consider in writing test cases for web interface testing?
  118. If there is a message in the background and there is a popup screen in the front. How to capture this message without closing the pop-up screen.
  119. Write test cases for a blank screen that is white. There are no scrolls appearing on the screen.
  120. How can I baseline my requirements?
  121. If the requirements are added frequently or some of the major requirements are missing, what do you do?
  122. What are the key elements of the Defect Report and Test case format?
  123. Explain is a bi-directional traceability matrix? Give sample format?
  124. Which document is required to write an integration test case and what are the steps to write integration test cases?
  125. How to write test cases for batch processing data files? For Eg: when an applicant data file added, the data should be converted and formatted and the backend database file is going to update.
  126. Write a test case on the durability of an electric bulb and test it that it will last for the next 10 months?
  127. How to test the two different versions of spell check in MS Word in a short span of 30
  128. min. ie suppose the earlier version of the MS word consisted of say 5000 words and now the new version consists of saying 5,00000 words. You now need to test the functionality of the newer version of spell check-in for 30 min. how will you achieve and be sure of your testing that you have covered the entire thing? In short what method will you adopt in such a case?
  129. Difference between Requirements Validation Matrix and Requirements Traceability Matrix.
  130. Difference between traceability matrix & cross-reference matrix.
  131. Write test cases for the performance of a watch.
  132. How we can write the Test Cases for Triggers effectively? Write a few test cases for triggers while mapping a table into another table of another Database.
  133. Suppose that you’ r running tests on the windows calculator and find that 1/1=2, 2/2=1, 3/3=10, 4/4=1, 5/5=26, 6/6=1. Write a bug title and bug description.
  134. What are the triggers in the database?
  135. How to approach a new project taken for testing?
  136. How will you review test cases?
  137. What is the difference between Bug Resolution Meeting and Bug Review Committee?
  138. Who are the participants in Bug Resolution Meeting and
  139. Bug Review Committee?
  140. Report the defect in the defect report form one calculator is doing the operation like 1+1=2 1+2=3 3+2=6 6+4=7 9.2+2.3=11.5
  141. What is the Recovery Scenario that can apply for any telephone line connection Eg, BSNl, Airtel, etc?
  142. If we found the bug in SRS or FRS, how to categorize that bug?
  143. What is the difference between end-to-end testing and system testing?
  144. What is the difference between a defect and an enhancement?
  145. The project is completed. Completed means that UAT testing is going. In that situation as a tester, what will you do?
  146. What is the Difference between Project and Product testing? What difference you have observed while testing the Client/Server application and web server application
  147. Explain are the differences between interface and integration testing? Are system specification and functional specification the same? 
  148. What is Multi-Unit testing?
  149. Explain is the difference between Desktop application testing and Web testing?
  150. With multiple testers how does one know which test cases are assigned to them? ·

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