Selenium Advanced Questions

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Selenium Advanced Questions

Below is the list of most frequently asked selenium interview questions. The list contains Selenium Advanced Questions which will be very helpful for your next interview.

1- What is a framework? Explain types of framework.

2- Which framework you have used and why?

3- Explain framework, with components.

4- What is the role of automation in your project?

5- What are the advantages of the Framework/ benefits of a framework?


  • Reusable components like object repo, generic lib, test data

  • Test development is faster and execution is easier

  • Maintenance of test data is easier

  • Code optimization

  • Modification of xapth is easier, because of POM

  • Cross-browser testing is easier

  • Customize reports

  • Listener concept is available to take a screenshot

  • Running the test with other credential is easier by changing username/ password

  • Maven dependencies will take care of getting all jars from the internet

  • Jenkins provide remote execution

6- What is POM design pattern? Explain POM design pattern rules.

7- How many page class you created?

8- How many modules you worked on?

9- What is the advantages of POM object repository?


  • Maintenance of xpath is easier
  • Reusability of web element
  • Business libraries will optimize the test development
  • Avoid duplicate locators
  • Well organized design technique maintained in Page level

10- Write a Program to store object in POM and explain how to access an object from POM.

11- Write a Program to read the data from Excel.

12- What is data-driven testing?

13- How to achieve data-driven testing?

Answer: Apache POI

14- Why do you get the data from Excel why not Data Base or other File?

Answer: Excel is userfriendly

15- How to run the same test with multiple test data?

Answer: @data provider

16- Where do you use Polymorphism in your framework?

Answer: Explain Base class to launch the browser

17- Where do you use Upcasting in your framework?

Answer: Webdriver driver = new FirefoxDriver

18- Where do we use inheritance in selenium framework?

Answer: Class test extends Base{…

19- Where do we use Abstraction in selenium framework

Answer: Class ListnerImp implements ItestListner{….

20- Where do we use Encapsulation in selenium framework

Answer: POM Classes

21- Where do we use Overriding in selenium framework?


Class SampleListner implements ItestListner{ Public void ontestFailure(){

Take screenshot }


22- Where do we use OverLoading in selenium framework


Class CrteateContact extends baseConfigClass{ createConatct(String firstNAme, String lastNAme){

createConatct(String firstNAme, String lastNAme, String addres){

} }

23- Why your framework is hybrid, why not other frameworks?

Because my project is having many modules which also required test data to test the scenarios

24-What is your role in selenium framework/contribution in the framework?


  • Few page class we implemented
  • I have implemented Extend Reporting in my framework
  • I have implemented a few generic methods like waitforPageToLoad, waitForElement
  • Implemented Report back-Up facilities

25- What your accomplishment

26- Without a framework, what are the challenges?

27- What suggestion you give your FrameWork

28- List Selenium Excpecption you faced in Real-Time.



StaleElement excelption


IllegalState Exception




30- What is TestNG, why it is required?


Unit testing framework tool, used for grouping, parallel execution, Assertion, HTML report

31 – Without TestNG, what all the challenges you faced?

32- Why TestNG, Why not JUNIT?


Additional annotation

HTML reporting



Support both java and .net

Parallel execution

33- What is the use of @beforeSuite , @afterSuite in testing?

@beforeSuite will be executed only once in entire suite execution before the start.
Real-Time usage: In Our Project, we have used Extent Report tool to customize the report, in order to configure custom report we have @beforeSuite annotation

@AfterSuite will  execute only once in entire suite execution

Real-Time usage : to close connection of extent report and to get the execution report backup.

34- Explain the hierarchy of testNG annotation







35- What is batch execution and how to achieve batch execution?

Collection of multiple tests is called a batch, executed through testing.xml

36- Write Syntax of Xml

37- What is grouping execution and how to achieve group execution?

38- What is parallel execution and how to achieve parallel execution?

39- How to achieve CROSS browser testing using Selenium?

40- How to disable the testing test scripts

Answer: @test(enabled=false)

41- How to execute the same test with multiple times

Answer: @test(invocation count= 10)

42- What is an assertion and how many assertions you used in real-time selenium test scripts, explain with real-time examples.

43- What is @parameter annotation in TestNG, how to send parameter to testNG test?

44- How to execute the same test with multiple data

Answer: @dataprrovider

45- What is the @Listner annotation in TestNG?

46- Difference between testNG-Listner & webdriver Listener

47- How to execute only failed test cases?


  • After the batch execution “refresh the folder”
  • automatically we get testing-falied.xml (inside test-output),
  • just run that XML file

48- How to execute dependent test-Scripts?

49- Whenever we get build which test-scripts, you will execute first?


Using the grouping concept, we will execute the smoke test first.

50- What is the role of selenium in your Project?

51- How many modules you are allocated?

52- What you do every day in the office?

53- How many test cases you can write/month?

54- How many test case you have written in your last project?

55- What processes you followed in your last project?

56- How many build you got in one release?

57- How many releases you got in the last project?

58- How many bugs, you found in automation?

59- Write an automation code for the login page for any application.

60- When we run 100 test scripts, few test scripts got failed, then what will be your first approach?

61- When we run 100 test scripts, all test scripts got failed, then what would be the issues?

62- What is your roles & responsibility in your last project?

63- When you will start automation?

64- What is not automatable in your last project?

65- What are the challenges of automation?

66- What automation process followed in your company?

67- What is the entry & exit criteria of the automation?

68- Why automation? explain the role of automation in regression testing.

69- Set of manual test cases is given to you, then what will be your first step?

70- What is GitHub?

71- What is the role of GitHub in automation?

72-  What is the advantages of GitHub?

73-  What is Maven?

74- What is the role of maven framework?

75- What are dependencies, how to handle dependencies in the framework?

76- What is Project Object Model [POM .XML]?

77- Explain the maven plugins you used in your framework.

78- How to execute TestNG.xml in maven?

79- What is Jenkins?

80- What is the role of Jenkins in Framework?

81- What are the advantages of Jenkins?

82- How to configure Jenkins?

83- Difference between xpath & css-selector.

84- How to execute Java-scripts in Selenium?

85- How to work with the browser scroll bar.

86- How to handle SSL popup?

87- Non-automatable test case in your project?

88- Explain the Selenium Architecture

89- Difference between Selenium-IDE & Selenium RC.

90- Difference between quit() & close().

91- How to maximize & minimize the browser?

92- What is webdriver “interface” or “Class”?

93- What is the Super interface for WebDriver?

94- How many locators are available in Webdriver and which locator is preferred?

95- How to check whether the object is available in GUI?

96- How to check the text from the UI?

97- How to capture the color, height, width, font size of the element?

98- How to get the location of the Web element?

99- How to delete all cookies?

The above list contains Selenium Advanced Questions.

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