Oracle- Interview Questions

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Oracle Interview Questions

Collection of Oracle Interview Questions. The section contains a real-time interview experience shared by the interviewees.

1st Round

1Tools used for doing Automation testing
2Experience with Test management tool – JIRA
3Are you doing End-to-End testing? – SYSTEM
4Booking, Checkin?
5OOPS in Selenium – Your project
6Tools used for doing Automation testing
7Collection in Java and
8Exceptions in Java and in Selenium
9Print all the links and \nwrite down in Excel sheet”}”>Dynamic table – 3*3, 10*10
button – SunOrcale
Find the position and Then, click
New window opens -> Print all the links and
write down in Excel sheet
10Code for iterating and handling new window
11Methods return type –
findElement and findElements
13SQL query – 2nd max salary
2nd Round
1. Tell me about your professional experience.
2. What are the test methodologies you have used?
3. Explain Agile methodology.
4. Explain bug life cycle.
5. Explain SDLC.
6. Write test cases for a text box accepting 0-9 characters and alphabets.
7. Write test cases for lift.
8. If the title of a page is not displayed, what severity and priority do you assign to it?
9. Which tool do you use for logging defects?
10. Is SVN a reporting tool?
11. Which Selenium version are you using currently?
12. Which is the latest version of Selenium?
13. Why are you using Selenium 2 when the latest 4 is available?
14. When was your framework developed?
15. What is the special feature of Selenium 2 and 3?
16. Explain Polymorphism.
17. Types of polymorphism.
18. Where do we use method overloading in webdriver methods?
19. Explain the statement : WebDriver driver = new ChromeDriver();
20. What is WebDriver in the above statement?
21. What is ChromeDriver() in the above statement?
22. If WebDriver is an interface, how can you instantiate it?
23. What is the superclass of WebDriver?
24. What is Interface?
25. What are the uses of Interface?
26. What are the different types of Inheritance?
27. Which are the types of Inheritence that Java does not support?
28. Why Multiple Inheritance is not supported in Java?
29. What is the other way of achieving Multiple Inheritance?
30. How many locators are there in Selenium?
31. Name the locators.
32. Which is the fastest locator?
33. Compare XPath and ID.
34. Which locator do you use for dynamic webelement on-page?
35. If ID is unique on a webpage, and location is changed, does the automation script fail?
36. Write a small program to reverse the name without using the inbuilt method.
37. Which latest java version have you worked with?
38. Name a few exceptions that have you come across.
39. Have you come across “Stale exception”?


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