Nykaa- Interview Questions

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Nykaa- Interview Questions

Collection of Nykaa Interview Questions. The section contains a real-time interview experience shared by the interviewees.

1- Write SQL query to get the details of employees from emp table except for employees whose first name is Amrit and Ankit

2- Create an XPath of an element that has a text. This XPath should be created in such a way that even if the developer changes the text from upper case to lower case or vice versa, the XPath should work.

3- How to validate response data.

4- If response data in an API contains Id in String and integer format. How will you check that it should be a string? Answer-Using JSON Schema Validator

5- Where you will keep the schema file and why?

6- If you have an API that has 4 attributes in each record like firstName, lastName, id, address. The same fields are present on UI. Now if the developer changes keyName from firstName to Name. What will be the impact on UI? Will you get an error. If yes, then why. If not, then why?

7- Explain the framework that was used in your project.

8- In the object repository can you place locators as per CSS and Xpath both. How?

9- Can we make an abstract class static?

10- What are inner and outer class?

11- What modification happened to Interfaces after Java8?

12- Can we have static methods in interfaces?

13- Create a phone directory using the oops concept and retrieve the details of the 10th record.

14- Program to find duplicate characters in a string.

15- Explain dropdown handling in selenium.

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