Interview Questions On Manual Testing


Interview Questions On Manual Testing

List of most frequently asked interview questions on manual testing with their answers, these will be helpful for your next interview.

1- What is Functional Specification?

It is a document that completely describes the characteristics of the product with regard to its intended features and functionality.

2- What is Functional Testing?

Testing the operational behavior and features of a product to ensure they align with the specifications. It ignores the internal mechanism of the system and focuses on the outputs generated in response to selected inputs and execution conditions. It is also called black-box testing.

3- What is Grey Box Testing?

It is a combination of both white box and black box testing methodologies. Apart from testing the software as per the specification tester also verify some of its internal workings.

4- What is an Inspection?

It is a process of reviewing the quality improvement process. It focuses on two aspects product improvement and process improvement.

5- What is Integration Testing?

Integration testing as per its name testing the application after integration all the parts of the application. Testing combined parts of an application to determine if they function together correctly. Integration testing is usually done after unit and functional testing. This type of testing is very relevant in the distributed systems.

6- What is Negative Testing?

Negative Testing aimed at showing that software does not work in a specific use case. It is also known as a “test to fail”.

7- What is Performance Testing?

It is a non-functional technique of testing where an application is tested under various workloads to check the responsiveness and stability. It is performed using some automated test tools to simulate a large number of users. Also, know as Load Testing.

8- What is Quality Assurance?

Activities that ensure each step of the software development life cycle. The implementation of processes, procedures, and standards in context software development. It is a complete Process-oriented activity. 

9- What is Regression Testing?

Retesting a previously tested program after a recent bug fix.

10- What is Sanity Testing?

Short but effective testing of major functional elements of the application to determine if they are operational or not.

11- What is Security Testing?

Basically, it includes two parts

  • The program should restrict authorized access.
  • The authorized personnel should be allowed to access the functions available to their security level only.

12- What is Smoke Testing?

Testing the major functions of the latest application build once received from the development team to ensure whether the build is testable or not.

13- What is Software Requirements Specification?

A document that describes all the functional and behavioral requirements including all constraints and all validation.

14-  What is Software Testing?

Set of activities conducted with the intent of finding errors in software or application.

15- What is Storage Testing?

Verifying the program which is under test stores data files in the correct directories and that it reserves sufficient space to prevent unexpected termination resulting from lack of space.

16-  What is System Testing?

Testing focused on the entire system of the application and attempting to discover defects in the properties of the entire system rather than of its individual components.

17- What is Test Case?

  • Usually the smallest unit of testing.
  • A set of inputs, execution preconditions, execution steps, and expected outcomes developed for a particular use case.

18- What is Test Environment or QA Environment?

The hardware and software environment in which testers run the test cases and perform testing. It is similar to the production environment.

19- What is Test Plan?

List of all the documents tools and other components that have to be developed and maintained in support of the testing effort. It describes the scope approach and resources of testing activities. It identifies test items, features to be tested, the testing tasks, who will do which task and any risk factors.

20- What is Test Script?

 The instructions for a particular test will be carried out by an automated testing tool.

21- What is Test Suite?

It is a collection of tests that have been used to validate a product.

22- What is Top Down Testing?

It is an approach in integration testing where the component at the top of the component-hierarchy is tested first. Tested components are then used to test lower-level components. This process is repeated until the lowest level components have been tested.

23- What is the Traceability Matrix?

Developed referring requirement specification, showing the relationship between test requirements and test cases.

24- What is Usability Testing?

Testing the ease with which users can explore, learn, and use the product.

25- What is Use Case?

Specific scenario from the end-user perspective.

26- What testing activities you may want to automate?

Automating all the high-priority test cases that need to be executed as a part of regression testing in each build cycle.

27- What are the major differences between stress testing and load testing?

  • In stress testing we increase the load, keep increasing, and check the performance at each level.
  • In Load testing, at a time we put load above the expectation and then check the performance.

28- What is the role of documentation in QA?

Documentation plays a critical role in the QA process. At each level of STLC, there are some deliverables that have to be maintained by the QAs because the QA process is relatable. Specifications, designs, business rules, inspection reports, configurations, code changes, test plans, test cases, and bug reports, etc should all be documented.

29- What is a test plan?

A document that describes the objectives, scope, approach, and focus of a software testing effort.

30- What should be done after a bug is found?

Make sure the bug is reproducible after that it needs to be communicated and assigned to the developers who will fix it as per its priority.

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