Headstrong- Interview Questions

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Headstrong Interview Question

Collection of Headstrong Interview Questions. The section contains a real-time interview experience shared by the interviewees.

  1. Explain the framework.

  2. Page factory model code?difference between page factory and page object model?

  3. What is an object repository?

  4. How to overwrite data in an excel sheet?

  5. Explain different frameworks.

  6. What are property files?

  7. Explain how grouping is done in TestNG XML?

  8. How to run tests in different browsers?

  9. handling alerts.

  10. What are the JDBC connections?

  11. How to generate a report?

  12. Common methods for reverse a string?

  13. Challenges faced till now?

  14. String s=”AABBBCFFDD” Count the presence of each letter.

  15. Pascal triangle program.

  16. Class and interface difference?

  17. Interface and inheritance difference?

  18. What is polymorphism?

  19. Difference between string and string builder?

  20. What is a static variable,

  21. Explain what is null pointer exception?

  22. What exceptions you have found?

  23. Bug lifecycle?

  24. Web driver waits and implicit wait?

  25. Can we write multiple CATCH in web driver code?

  26. If we close the driver in try block then, FINALLY will execute or not?

  27. What are the different types of frameworks?

  28. Why we go for a hybrid framework?

  29. Difference between data-driven and modular framework?

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