Harman International- Interview Questions

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Harman International Interview Questions

Collection of Harman International Interview Questions. The section contains a real-time interview experience shared by the interviewees.
  1. Tell something about yourself.
  2. What strategies did you follow while building a Selenium framework from scratch?
  3. How can we scroll to the end of a page in a dynamically loading page?
  4. Related to the above question, if I ask you to find one element while scrolling and then stop when found, how would you handle it?
  5. As a Team Lead, how you will evaluate your team’s performance?
  6. What’s the difference between the Test Plan and Test Strategy?
  7. If there are 3 test cases with method names as “banana”, “cat” and “apple” in respective order, which test call will execute first and why?
  8. Roles and responsibilities.
  9. Explain what you have done in SQL testing?
  10. What have you done in API testing?
  11. Explain different types of defect management?
  12. Describe Bug cycle.
  13. How you handle an exception?
  14. What is XPath?Type of XPath.Explain each type.
  15. What is Wait selenium, Different type of waits, Explain each waits.
  16. How you convert the string “HELLO” into String “hello”?

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