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Delloite Interview Question

Collection of Delloite Interview Questions. The section contains a real-time interview experience shared by the interviewees.

  1. Tell me about yourself.

  2. Are you working on manual+ automation or only automation?

  3. What tools you have used in your project so far?

  4. Explain the bug life cycle. What priorities do you give while raising a bug?

  5. What is a defect triage call?

  6. If in a sprint two user stories have some conflict, what will you do?

  7. Have you worked on the BDD framework? Why BDD is preferred over other typical frameworks?

  8. Write a feature file for the login scenario.

  9. Are you working on creation of framework from scratch or you just modify the existing framework?

  10. Describe is a test runner file?

  11. Explain what is POM.xml file? Why it is used?

  12. What is a testNG.xml file? What is the benefit of using a testNG framework?

  13. Explain a hybrid framework? What are the components of a framework?

  14. What are the benefits of creating a framework? Why POM approach is preferred?

  15. Have you worked on the data-driven framework? WAP to fetch data from an excel file, just tell me the code.

  16. From what type of files can we obtain test data?

  17. How to find broken links in selenium?

  18. What are test listeners in selenium? What are the different types of test listeners?

  19. Describe frames. Let’s say I have 3 frames, then how I can go to the 3rd frame from the 1st frame? And how to come back to 1st frame?

  20. Have you worked on database testing? How many types of joins are there? What is the use of joins in SQL?

  21. What is the difference between cross join and inner join?

  22. Suppose I alter the table, then I dropped the table, then I did a rollback, what can be the output?

  23. Explain maven in selenium? How maven is useful?

  24. What is a build life cycle in Maven?

  25. Qualities of a good build too? On what basis you will select a build tool?

  26. What is a wrapper class in java?

  27.  Difference between array and collections in java?

  28. Differentiate final, finally, finalize?

  29. What is the difference between SOAP and REST?

  30. Explain the different methods used in web services?

  31. Have you worked on GIT? What are the commands in GIT?

  32. Overall check-in checkout procedure in GIT?

  33. What are the exceptions that you have encountered in selenium?

  34.  Types of testing?

  35. Tell me the annotations in testNG by order of execution?

  36. What are the pop-ups in selenium? How to handle windows based pop-ups?

  37. Can we handle user sessions in selenium?

  38. How to capture screenshots in selenium? Tell me the code.

  39. Do you know any scripting language like VB script? Java script? Can you automate web services using rest assured?

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