Capgemini- Interview Questions

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Capgemini Interview Questions

Collection of Capgemini Interview Questions. The section contains a real-time interview experience shared by the interviewees.

  1. Roles & Responsibilities.

  2. Framework explanation.

  3. What is an interface?

  4. What is inheritance?

  5. How u achieve multiple inheritance in java?

  6. Write a program to reverse a number.

  7. How you select an option in the dropdown?

  8. What is an iframe? Write code to click on a button that is in a nested iframe.

  9. How to handle file downloading & uploading?

  10. Difference between implicit wait and explicit wait.

  11. The total number of rows in a web table.

  12. How to select a check box present in a web table.

  13. What are webdriver exceptions?

  14. How to read data from an excel file?

  15. How many testing environments you have in your organization?

  16. Write an xpath to get all the links.

  17. How to read the text on a tooltip?

  18. Check whether an element is displayed or not.

  19. There are 3 classes a b c. How to access the methods of b and c in class a.

  20. What is timeout in the grid?

  21. What is browser timeout in grid?

  22. Explain max instance and max session?

  23. Tell different annotations provided by testing.

  24. Suppose I want to check a particular exception in TestNG, How will you do it?

  25. What is soft and hard assertion?

  26. What are different access modifiers and explain each?

  27. Can you define multiple public classes in a single java file is it possible?

  28. Class name and java file name should be the same?

  29. What you mean by final, finally, finalize?

  30. What do you mean by for each loop?

  31. Can we remove any element by using for each loop?

  32. Difference between arraylist and vector?

  33. How do you write a custom class which is immutable?

  34. Create one custom class using interface inside it, that custom class should responsible for doing each operation. Which type of interface will you use to create such a custom class?

Below questions, asked from 5 years experienced candidate.

  1. Write code to open the browser in incognito mode.

  2. How to read txt or .bat file in selenium?

  3. Explain how to take screenshots in selenium.

  4. How to add failed test cases in report generation.

  5. Convert array to ArrayList.

  6. How to convert hashmap to list.

  7. Write code to do right click on web element.

  8. How to get the count of checkboxes on a webpage and find which one is checked?

  9. How to read properties file.

  10. Explain what is boxing and unboxing?

  11. How to read data from the database.

  12. Write code for the explicit wait.

  13. How to execute the test from the command prompt?

  14. How to read a file from the command prompt, is it possible?

Below questions, asked from 6 years experienced candidates.

  1. What are scrum and kanban?

  2. Is webdriver a class or interface then which class is implementing methods of webdriver?

  3. Example of method overloading in selenium.

  4. Can we take a screenshot in headless mode?

  5. Have you worked on Jenkins? Have you triggered headless mode from Jenkins?

  6. Return type of driver.getwindowhandle and getwindowhandles?

  7. What is fluent wait?

  8. How do you manage branches of code in your project?

  9. Have you done mac os testing with RPA.

  10. What is out in system .out.print ln?

  11. What is super interface of webdriver interface?

  12. Expected exceptions annotation in TestNG.

  13. How to check and run failed test cases of the project?

  14. What is alert() in driver .switchTo()?

  15. How to map objects coming from a JSON response where the response is very big (country–> city1 –> city2 –> more details) and we check it manually. How to handle the JSON?

  16. Upcasting and downcasting in java.

  17. Have you performed BDD testing?

  18. Is map a part of collection? What is a hashmap?

  19. Have you worked on any device testing like Appium?

  20. What was the last issue that you got while executing the script?

  21. Have you worked on Docker and Kubernetes?

Random Questions

1. How do you handle the random pop-ups?
2. How do you write dynamic xpaths?
3. Explain your project? And, framework architecture?
4. Where and How are you initializing driver
5. What is LinkedList? What are the Operations you can do with this?
6. What is immutable in Java? Examples?
7. What is the default size of Array and ArrayList?
8. What is Constructor chaining?
9. What is the use of Web Service?
10. Difference between API and Webservice?
11. PUT vs POST
12. Explain Maven’s life cycle? Different Maven commands?
13. Difference between git pull vs git fetch?
14. What is branch in Git?
15. What is cloning? How can you clone the master branch?

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