CA Technologies- Interview Questions

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CA Technologies Interview Questions

Collection of CA Technologies Interview Questions. The section contains a real-time interview experience shared by the interviewees.


1: What is String Pool?
2: What is difference between String Builder and String Buffer?
3: What are different memory types in JVM?
4: What is the difference between ArrayList and Vector?
5: What are the types of exceptions in Java?
6: What is clone and where did you use?

Web Services

7: What kind of service level testing you have performed?
8: Explain your Rest automation framework
9: What kind of error codes u have encountered in Rest?
10: What is 201 code meant for Selenium?
11: Explain web driver architecture?
12: What is web driver?
13: How to handle alert in selenium?
14: How to handle multiple windows in selenium?
15: What are the types of Locators in selenium?
16: Explain different types of X Path locators.
17: Did you use Robot class in selenium – explain.
18: Explain your selenium automation framework.
19: What are different states of Bug – Bug Lifecycle?
20: How did you do multi browser testing?
21: How do you take screen shot in selenium?


22: Testng annotations.
23: Why Test NG?
24: Grouping of test cases.
25: How to execute failed test cases using test ng in automation framework?
26: How to pass parameters in Test NG?
27: Explain listeners in Test Ng
28: Screenshot question again aligned in TestNG.
29: Questions on Build Management Tool.
30: First REST Framework.
31: Error codes asserted.
32: Explain how TO capture JSON Responses.
33: Jars for your REST Framework.
34: Questions around Agile and SAfe model – sprints and delivarables.
35: Estimation of stories.

Core Java Questions around OOPs concepts

36: Explain about collections – mean classes and interfaces.
37: Where did you use in your framework?
38: Asked to explain briefly about your selenium automation framework.
39: Explain about static.
40: Questions around static variable.
41: Question around auto boxing in Java.
42: String manipulations in Java.
43: Method overriding and overloading differences.
44: Write a java code – given a String s =”11223356677″; find the first non repeating one.
45: waits in selenium.
46: Code for explicit wait.
47: Return type of until() in wait.until() in Explicit wait?
48: Write a Selenium code given scenario.
49: Login to web page.
50: Click on Login Button.
51: Handle Stale Element reference exception.

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